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New To Weights Training?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Yes we are referring to lifting weights. Ladies, you will not get bulky from lifting weights. Building muscles doesn't happen overnight. Let's get this right. You'll only get bulky (fat) from your diet and lifestyle. Before reading on, are you aware of the benefits you could actually get from weights training? For those who are unaware, don't be amazed by these benefits above. Here's a few tip and guide for those who are new or plan to start their weight training journey. 1. Form check. Practice the movement without any weights to familiarize with the movement first. 2. Go light. Use a lighter weight to execute what you've practiced. 3. Use a mirror. Look into the mirror while you're doing your set and ask yourself if the form is still right. 4. Progress gradually. Never ever rush for progression. It's always wiser to set up a strong fundamental first before thinking of progression. 5. Leave that ego outside the gym. Never ever lift with an ego. What's the point of lifting heavy but lifting wrongly? Getting injured is definitely not a benefit.

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