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Where are we located?

We do not have a gym of our own at the moment. Our Full-Time Freelance Fitness Personal Trainer provides Personal Training to all Condo gym, ActiveSG gym, Outdoor Fitness Corner, and even your Office gym or Hotel gym if you are a visitor in Singapore. 

What if I don't have a Condo Gym?

Got no access to a condo gym? No worries! As mentioned, we train at all ActiveSG gym. There more than 25 ActiveSG gyms across Singapore and they welcome non-citizens!  Chances are there will be at least 1 that is near your home or workplace!


I'm new to Personal Training. How do I go about it?

Ask yourself do you prefer to have your training at,

1. A commercial gym (big brands),

or you would prefer over

2. Convenience - House Call Personal Training.

If it's a commercial gym, find a reputable one and there will be plenty of in house trainers for you to choose from. Walk-in and they will guide you from there.

For Personal Training at your convenience - Home/Condo, look for a reliable Full-Time Freelance Fitness Personal Trainer who's able to travel to your preferred location and accommodate to your schedule.

Either choice, we will recommend you to first go for trial sessions with different trainers before deciding and committing into a package. Be sure that the trainer is capable of assisting you to achieve your goals before signing up!

How does House Call and Home Fitness Personal Training works?

For working adults with hectic workloads, House Call/Home Fitness Personal Training may be ideal as the Personal Trainer will travel to your Home, Condo Gym, or your preferred location to conduct the training and you can save up some traveling time.
Depending on individual's goal, training sessions may be doable without a gym as well.


I'm interested in Personal Training but I'm worried I can't commit to it.

Well, we will say it's all about priorities. We have clients training 3 times a week, we also have clients who only trains fortnightly.
If you want quick and visible results, 3 times a week is the way to go for sure. If you're just aiming to have a healthier lifestyle, maybe once a week is good. 
Here at BFF we will recommend what's the needed frequency, but will still leave the decision to you.

What to expect from a Personal Trainer during Personal Training?

Most Personal Trainer will design the program according to your goal. Some may deliver it in a stern and strict way. Some are friendly and motivating. Some might sugarcoat you (and you might end up learning nothing).

Some trainers will make you happy with words. Some trainers won't let you off until the objective is met. Some trainers will squeeze you dry before calling it a day.

Personal Training works both ways. Question your trainer but do not challenge your trainer. Communicate with your trainer but do not demand anything from your trainer. Being honest is the key to transformation. Speak up when you're uncomfortable. Speak up when you find the program not helpful or when it's too easy. Unless you prefer easy.

Having said, Personal Training should be enjoyable and productive! Look for a Trainer that matches your preferred training style.

Can I engage a Personal Trainer for my kid/parent?

Why not! As long as they are physically fit, we can start building a healthier and stronger body right away. We have students who started at the age of 9, and our oldest student is 73 years old. We allow parents to sit in for kids below 13 years old. Special arrangements may be discussed.

How fast can I see results or progression?

Some guys do feel their biceps got bigger after 1 session, that's because they haven't been doing biceps curl correctly. Some will need a few weeks to see some difference because their body is already conditioned to exercising. Individual results may vary. Factors include body condition, training frequency, and training intensity.

What's the market price for Personal Training?

Would you prefer a cheaper trainer, have 20 sessions of standard program learning nothing, or engage a slightly higher priced but knowledgable and experienced trainer, to gain all the knowledge that you've been lacking with maybe less than 10 sessions? Most importantly, be sure to feel the value from his or her training!

Price starts from as low as $20/session to $200/session. A decent Personal Trainer charges around $70-$80.

Our Do's and Don'ts


  • We don't do sales talk. Take it or leave it, we are cool with it.

  • We don't come out with weird charges. No hidden cost, all prices are net.

  • We don't go missing in action (MIA). We are responsive during working hours.

  • We don't sell products/supplements. We give recommendations upon request.

  • We don't use unrealistic pictures from the internet to mislead you. No gimmicks.

  • We don't drag your progress hoping for renewal. Every session is a full-scale session.

  • We are doing this as our full-time job.

  • We are flexible with the training days, timings, and location.

  • We are able to accommodate to your schedule on almost any day and any timing.

  • We are not commercialized. We only promise and deliver what we are capable of.

  • Our company is registered in Singapore. Reliable with a perfect record since 2016.

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