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Personal training
in singapore

we provide personal training services at all condo gym and all activesg gyms.

we are flexible and will strive to fit your schedules as much as possible.

our certified personal trainers provide both 1 to 1 private personal training and 1 to 2 couple/buddy private training.

personal training prices are final with No hidden cost.

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Looking to lose weight?

Obesity is the root of many health problems. Lose that extra weight that has been bothering you and get that healthy and toned body. We understand that this is not an easy process, so let our experienced personal trainers assist you in achieving your desired goal. 

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Looking to bulk up? 

A muscular and toned body is key to good cardiovascular health. Building up muscles is also a big part of fitness and why many people hit the gym regularly. For some, it is not as easy as it seems - that's why we are here to help. With years of personal and training experience, our trainers are confident in assisting you to achieve your ideal body. 

Condo Personal Training Singapore

Looking for a change in lifestyle? 

Here at BFF, we see fitness as a personal journey, unique to every individual. Which is why we will customize your individual programme when you share with us your area of concern and what you hope to achieve.

Packages Available

learner's pack

  • 12 sessions of 1 to 1 personal training

  • Each session lasts 60-70 minutes

  • 100% customised workouts based on individual needs and goals

  • Step by step coaching in the gym, including proper usage of equipments

  • Guidance on meals and nutrition intake 

  • Weekly check-ins & review of progress 

  • Adjustments of exercise regime to avoid plateauing 

$1200 nett

transformation pack

  • 36 sessions of 1 to 1 Personal Training

  • Each session lasts 60-70 minutes

  • 100% customised workout based on individual needs and goals

  • Step by step coaching in the gym, including proper usage of equipments

  • Sports massage to aid in muscle recovery post-training

  • Full body composition & posture analysis

  • Daily nutrition advice and detailed meal plan provided

  • Weekly check-ins & review of progress 

  • Adjustments of exercise regime to avoid plateauing 

  • Transform your body and bring it to the next level! 

$3168 nett

Why Choose Us for Your Personal Training?


Who says exercising has to be dull? Yes, it could be tough, but we can do it with a smile!

With our friendly and approachable trainers, feel free to open up to us about your concerns and queries. 

Here at Bryan’s Fitness Federation, we are always ready to help and are able to customise creative exercises that will meet your fitness goals, while catering to our client’s mental and physical state during the training day! 


We provide personal training services at all condo gym and all ActiveSG gyms.

We are flexible and will strive to fit your schedules as much as possible.

Apart from 1 to 1 private personal training, our personal trainers also provide 1 to 2 couple/buddy private training.


Results come with hard work and there is no shortcut to achieving your fitness goals.


Anyone who says otherwise is a bluff, whether it is a miracle pill or an easy way out.


However, what we can guarantee is that with the programs proposed by our trainers at Bryan’s Fitness Federation, you will be able to witness your fitness goals.


We are not saying immediately, but definitely.

9 reasons people engage a Personal Trainer



Looking to learn the technique, the proper way to work out and keep fit without sustaining injuries? YouTube is a free alternative. However, there will be no one to correct your form or ensure you are engaging the right muscle groups, thus there is a risk of sustaining injuries.



A trainer will motivate you every session, especially when things are getting tough. We will also strategically plan the program that allows your various muscle groups to be able to catch a short break, and so that you will not feel that they are overused.


gym buddy

If you are the sort who prefers your trainer to work out alongside you, we are open to that too. At the same time, we are always keeping a lookout on your safety and progress, and we will always demonstrate the exercises we would like to teach our clients, as our method of instruction.


Achieving a Goal

This group of people need a coach to guide them through the journey until they achieve their goals. We understand that different individuals have different goals. For example, to bulk up, lose weight, tone up, or even prepare for competitions or events. 


Injury Free

One main concern about working out is the fear of injury, and how might one be able to ensure that they are using it properly? Simple things like keeping one’s back straight or ensuring the wrist is not overbent, are aspects that are often overlooked by gym users, which may cause injury in the long run.


clueless, no more

Don’t know where to start? That is a major deterrence for many to start exercising. Our trainers are not only here to help you achieve your goals, but have a desire to enable you to feel confident working out independently, and perhaps even fall in love with working out eventually.


Lifestyle Change

This group of people are looking for a long-term personal trainer to walk through their fitness journey with them. This allows the individual to learn the fundamentals, and condition their fitness level at a steady pace. They will then progress gradually and lead a healthier lifestyle!



Our programs follow a sustainable results approach – we do not propose drastic adjustments to your diet or training regimes, as we know such methods will only allow immediate results but are sure to disappear when the drastic measures stop.


for better health

Whether one wants to lose weight, become fitter or stronger, with exercises selected by our professional trainers, your strength, agility, flexibility, stamina and reaction time will also improve. Exercise has also been proven to boosts one immune system and to slow down ageing.

How our SHINE approach can
help you achieve your goals?

Scientifically Sound

We use and impart food science and sports science knowledge to our clients to achieve the best possible results. Ask us about the muscle groups you are engaging for the exercise or the thinking behind the proposed diet plans, we will be glad to explain the science for the curious! 

Healthy Methods (Optimally customised approach)

We are aware that to achieve results, others in the field may suggest quick fixes. Here, we believe in planning programs that are sustainable and beneficial for our clients’ health in the long run. Your results should last, as with your passion for fitness, even after you have graduated from our programs. We do not promote nor propose any diet or exercise plans that are too extreme and can only be followed for a short time.

Individualised Programs (Constant Fine Tuning)

No two clients are the same, and we understand that. Everyone comes with different goals, levels of fitness, progress and pace. Each session is optimally customized to the needs of our clients, and you can count on us to consistently fine tune your program. No two sessions will be completely the same.

Nurturing (Motivational + Teach with the aim of you having confidence in the gym on your own) 
Ultimately, our goal for all clients is for them to feel more confident, when they enter a gym/workout space on their own but also overall, as an individual. Our trainers are here not just to deliver the program, but to guide you in becoming your own fitness trainer as the end goal. We hope that you become independent eventually, but refresher sessions from time to time are welcomed.  

Experienced Trainers (Undivided Attention + Highest Quality)
Our trainers are all certified under reputable organisations and have been in the service for at least five years. Every trainer has at least trained close to five hundred clients and has clocked 5000 training hours individually. 

They have seen a wealth of clients, with varying concerns and fitness goals – from kids to elderly, stamina to strength. But what remains the same is our trainers’ commitment and complete attention to their clients every training session. We value and appreciate the time you carve out for us, and we do our best to not disappoint.

Let us have the privilege to witness your fitness, as you SHINE in the best version of yourself. 

Which of the above 9 possibilities is closest to your goals?

Whichever it is, the first step will always be the toughest. But you will need to take action if you want to see changes.
So here we are, waiting to face all the challenges together with you!
Feel free to call us up for a chat, without any obligations or request for a trial session. 

We got it! Thank you for your interest.

We will get back to your query soon.

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