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Group Classes are subjected to availability.

Private Coaching for kids (below 12) are available.

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Private Coaching (80mins)


Buddy Training (100mins)



PRIVATE Group Training (120mins)

$200 onwards/session


Muay Thai is a contact/close combat, that originated from Thailand. It is commonly known as the art of eight limbs and has techniques that utilises both the hands and feet to attack.


Muay Thai is different from other martial arts and uses the largest range of attacking methods (from punches, elbows, kicks, and knee strikes). From throwing punches, to using the elbow and the knee, we specialize in teaching you the ‘hard to soft’ technique (aka using the tougher parts of your body to attack the opponent’s vulnerabilities).


Not to worry if you are not that into combat - apart from self-defense, Muay Thai can also be used as an effective and fun cardio. Our instructors will introduce different sets of moves and combinations for you to strike continuous at a pad for at least one round, that lasts for three minutes. Trust us, you will be soaking wet after each session. 

benefits of MUAY THAI

Unlike some other sports (eg. badminton, bowling, tennis, etc) which mostly focus on 1 side of your limbs, Muay Thai is an all-rounder sport. A full body high impact exercise that will boost your overall strength EQUALLY!


It is a Stress Reliever! Had a long day? Bad day? Moody? VENT!! Throw your punches and kick the bags. Nobody is gonna stop you.

Our overall muscle mass will increase! However, don't expect yourself to buff up like some bodybuilder by doing Muay Thai. You will gain lean muscles and not bulky or huge muscles.

It increases our hip mobility! For those who're stuck at your desk every Monday to Friday, I guess this will be beneficial for you.

We do need our legs to support our own body weight so we can do activities easily right. Some of us might have issues on our legs and that restricts us from certain activities. By doing Muay Thai, it will give us a pair of stronger legs!

It's a good form of cardio exercise. Muay Thai training usually lasts for about 60-90 mins. Throughout the entire session, your heart rate will be high or even extremely high at times and it simply leads to fat burn!

Our core strength will definitely increase as well. For those who are aiming to get "6/8 packs", Muay Thai is the way to go!

It minimises the effect of aging! We will look young and feel young. Also, by doing Muay Thai consistently, our physical fitness level (strength & stamina) will always be at tip top!

Our bone will become stronger! Bone density will increase for sure. And that helps to prevent diseases like osteoporosis. 

We will get more flexible, and that really helps in our daily life!

professional MUAY THAI

Collaboration with MTIA (Thailand)

Bryan's Fitness Federation offers Muay Thai classes following Muay Thai International Association Thailand (MTIA)'s curriculum.

  • Students will be able to progress from Grade 1 Grade 5 after accumulating a stipulated amount of training hours for each Grade.

  • Fundamental skills will be introduced and reinforced at each level to ensure better understanding and execution.

  • In each level, you will learn new techniques and drills while consistently practicing what you have learnt.

  • Test will be conducted by Trainer Bryan according to the curriculum from Muay Thai International Association Thailand (MTIA) to move up the grade.

  • Upon achieving Grade 5 in the MTIA system, you will receive a Professional Certificate from MTIA!

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Master the Art of Muay Thai with us.

A great way to keep fit, stay healthy and make new friends!

ABOUT Muay Thai International Association Thailand (MTIA)

Our main Muay Thai instructor, Bryan, has received the MTIA certification. This is an internationally recognised certification that denotes quality instructors that are certified to train and award Muay Thai gradings to clients/students. 

Bryan underwent an intensive training program in Bangkok, Thailand to achieve the MTIA certification in 2018 and has been a MTIA recognized instructor. Our clients have approached him for personal training in Muay Thai for gradings and quick improvement to be combat ready, or also as an alternative weekly cardio option.  

Muay Thai can also be introduced to kids or students, and we have conducted holiday sessions with students to kickstart their martial arts journey. Trust us that no matter young or old, we would like to share our passion in this sport, in a safe and effective manner to you. 

Kids holiday program 

From 5th June 2022 onwards, every Sunday,

1600-1700, Locations TBC *

WhatsApp / Call Us @ +65 9841 8390 to check on the availability of the slot before making payment**

We do not hold / reserve slots. Secure your slots by making Full Payment Via PAYNOW (UEN No.) : 53340315D

Upon payment, do WhatsApp us the screenshot of your payment together with your kid's name for confirmation.


$100 for 5 sessions

To ensure the quality of our classes and also the safety of the kids, the class will be kept to a maximum of 5 pax /session.

Registration closes upon maximum sign-ups.