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Group training

Adult or kids group are all welcomed. A mixture of adults and kids, eg. Family training is available as well!

Group Training will ensure that each individual gets attention from the trainer.

This will help individuals to exercise with the correct skills and form. 


Programmes for Group Training may be specially customized and designed according to your needs! Eg. Targeting some specific trouble zones in order for you to achieve your ideal body shape.  We can also focus on specific muscle groups!

Compared to Personal Training, Group Training allows you to save costs while working out with your loved ones or friends. In addition, training in a group will definitely keep you moving because you won't be "suffering" all by yourself. Your loved ones or friends will be "suffering" with you too! 

Similar to Personal Training, we will encourage you to sign up for a trial session before deciding and committing to any package. 

The trial session will allow you to gauge the effectiveness of the training and your compatibility with the trainer. 

packages available

Buddy Training (2pax)

Gym OR Outdoor 

$120/session (60 mins)

Group Training (3pax)


$140/session (60 mins)

Group Training (4pax^)


$160/session onwards (90 mins)

  • Sessions may be conducted at your preferred location as long as there is sufficient space. 

  • No minimum sessions required to commit for Group Training.

  • Package prices are available upon enquiry.


Types of group fitness/training programmes available


A no-equipment workout, this is suitable for clients who would like a fast-paced session with a team. The participants are promised an hour session with non-stop action. 


For those looking to boost their motor skills, agility, balance, and reaction time, this is a light-hearted yet effective workout session for the team. 


Training with your IPPT buddies can be arranged to strengthen the relevant muscle groups to boost your performance at the push-up, sit-up and 2.4km run stations. Why not get the gold together?


Grab your buddies along to embark on a customised program. With exercises that are lower in intensity, this will ensure those new to exercising are able to keep up but yet improve on their overall fitness levels. Mutual encouragement and motivation, checked! 


Who says cardio has to be boring? Pick up some basic self-defense moves while relieving some stress with your buddies. We promise it will be fun. 


HIIT workouts will be modified to be conducted in the pool. Those with injury or existing joint problems will benefit especially, from this low impact workout in the water. An added bonus if you are a pool-lover!

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