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How to pass IPPT easily | Best Tips for IPPT

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Looking to pass your IPPT? Dreading that the time of the year to take that fitness test is here again? Still unsure that personal training is helpful for you? Here are some quick IPPT hacks for you.

What does the IPPT comprise?

IPPT stands for Individual Physical Proficiency Test and has three sections, namely push-ups sit-ups and the 2.4km run.

In general, the maximum score one can get in each segment is 50 points. And the three possible awards one can get are as follows:


​Points Required

Cash Reward / $




Pass (with incentive)









You may refer to this online score calculator to help calculate your possible IPPT score, based on the number of push-ups and sit-ups you can do, and your 2.4km run timing.

All males in Singapore have to take the IPPT since they have enlisted on a yearly basis until they finish their reservist cycle. However, those who are in the armed forces (Singapore Armed Forces, Singapore Police Force, and Singapore Civil Defence Force), have to take the IPPT as long as they are in-service, regardless of gender.

IPPT may be dreaded to some, as not passing may result in them having to return for extra physical training. This is called a Remedial Training Program, which lasts for 8 weeks, and is conducted only at three camps in Singapore, namely Khatib, Maju, and Bedok camps. These sessions are mandatory or disciplinary action may be taken.

This explains why IPPT may be stressful to some! But fret not, read on to glean some tips on how to pass IPPT or to improve your IPPT scores.

Running tips to pass IPPT

Building stamina may be the first that comes to mind. Extending our thinking, our legs are the ones that carry us on the run and our leg muscles either need to be strong, or we should lessen the load on them (i.e. our weight). So, if you would like to make your run feel easier and improve on your 2.4km run speed, you will have to either go for 'legs day' to build those muscles, or diet (in the right way – check our quick tips on calorie deficit!) to cut some weight.

Tips to ace push-ups

Did you know, push up actually involves FOUR muscle groups – your chest, triceps, shoulders and back. If you face difficulty doing this exercise, it is likely that one or more of those muscle groups are weak and require some working out.

How to train for push ups?

When you are able to identify which muscle group is lacking behind, you can target exercises to build and strengthen the muscle group(s), making your workout more efficient and eventually achieving your target for push ups. Some basic tips include bending your arms the right way and making sure your form is good. You may also refer to our post on push-ups to improve.

Sit Up Tips to Pass IPPT

Sit up targets your core which is not limited to just the abs. In fact, you would need to have strong abs, obliques, and lower back muscles to conquer sit ups!

How to train for sit ups?

Again, knowing which muscle group is lacking (even better with professional eyes) will help you build and strengthen them. Some basic advice is to build some endurance with abs exercises plus deadlifts to train your lower back, and you will be a sit up pro in no time.

If you need further advice on how to strengthen or build endurance for those muscle groups mentioned, or help to lose weight, this is where a personal trainer may be useful for you. With our knowledge in this area, we will help you achieve your fitness goals in a swifter, safer, and sustainable manner.

You may also refer to the official manual produced by the Singapore Armed Forces for more information.

In Summary…

Top three things for you (tldr):

  1. IPPT is compulsory for most men in Singapore and will incur slight inconvenience if one does not pass

  2. Knowing the muscle groups involved for push ups and sit ups allow you to train that muscle group particularly and improve on that exercise

  3. For running, one can work on both losing weight and increasing stamina to see better results!

Looking for professional training or consultation services? Feel free to reach out to us! Together, Let us Witness your Fitness!

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