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Online coaching

Spending hours online searching for fitness tips and ways to achieve your goals?

Why not spend just 1 hour with us and we will give you all the solutions and answers that you're looking for!

packages available

online coaching programme

  • Structured workout programs

  • Posture correction advice

  • Daily diet advice

  • ​Nutritional consultations upon request

  • Suitable for individuals who are often traveling and unable to commit to face to face trainings

$480 for 1 mth - recurring $180 /mth

$680 for 3 mth - recurring $150 /mth

$880 for 6 mth - recurring $120 /mth

Online Personal Training
Features and Benefits

safe & convenient

We are aware that with the current pandemic situation, some may be reluctant to head down physically to the gyms.


However, we are able to bring workout and fitness advice to those who are still keen to work on their fitness under close supervision, while still maintaining their low exposure risk. 

tailored training

Workout videos are available for the masses on the internet.


But our trainers are here to guide you, to ensure you are choosing the right exercises to achieve your goals, and are performing them in the correct manner that will reduce injury in the short or long term.


Without having to pay for an access to a gym, our trainers can provide you with effective alternatives with our knowledge in sports science and nutrition. We do provide ‘homework’ for our clients too. 

Let us have the privilege to partake
in your fitness journey!

Online Personal Training FAQs

What is online personal training?

We provide customised advice to our clients using email, if they prefer to execute the program at a convenient time on their own. From time to time, real time check in sessions can be arranged for in-person personal training rates.

How often would I train with online personal training?

We are totally flexible on the frequency but this depends mainly on the amount of time you want to dedicate per week, as well as a comfortable pace for your body to adapt to more strenuous physical activities. We generally recommend starting off with one to two times a week. 

Is online personal training cheaper than in person?

Yes, the rates are more affordable at about 50% the price of a regular personal training session.

Is an online personal trainer worth it?

It is definitely a worthy investment for those who are looking for an affordable yet safe method to kickstart your fitness journey. This is a good way for you to acquire the necessary knowledge and workout techniques to exercise independently, without fear of injury. 

Is online personal training effective?

Yes, based on the individual’s physique and progress, suitable workouts will be suggested that will boost effectiveness, instead of following random videos online.

Our trainers will also advise on common mistakes in the proposed workout plan.

How long is an online personal training course?

The duration is dependent on your fitness goals and the pace you would like to set. We have had clients that stayed with us for at least a year as they prefer a routine and a steady pace to pick up workout knowledge and slowly incorporate into their lifestyle, while others who are steadfast, taking about three months before they feel confident and competent enough to workout on their own. It is entirely up to the client! 

No doubt that Online Coaching is beneficial for self-motivated individuals. 

Please note that results from Online Coaching may differ according to the individual's discipline and hard work.

Share your concerns with us and we can solve them together. 

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