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I have been doing gym training with Bryan for the better part of last year and can't have asked for a better coach. His personality and coaching approach is positive and inspires discipline and dedication. I achieved my goal of building up more muscles and highly recommend him to those who are looking for a way to establish a balanced and sustained fitness regimen. Thank you Bryan! 

Kiran, Freelancer

Condo Personal Training Results

Losing weight and having a healthier body are my goals. I am so happy that Bryan’s sessions helped me achieve these goals. I lost 18kg after 42 sessions of private fitness training with Bryan. Now, I am more confident and able to wear clothes that I previously did not dare to wear! Bryan is a strict instructor that also knows how to make his lessons fun. Even though I often whine while working out, Bryan is able to stay professional and patient to push me through every rep and every set. I am very glad I met Bryan and thankful for his help! I am continuing my training with Bryan to learn more advanced exercises and keep up with my weight loss! Our personal training was done in ActiveSG gym and outdoor!

Rui Xuan, Pre-school Educator

About us

Our certified fitness personal trainers provide Private Gym and House Call Personal Training services in Singapore.

We understand the struggles of keeping fit while juggling work, family, and social commitments.

Thus our 1 to 1 private personal training programs are 100% customizable and will be done at the comfort of your Home, Condo Gym or any ActiveSG Gym near you. ​

Condo Personal Training Singapore

Our promise to you

Our experienced fitness personal trainers are passionate and believe that exercising should be enjoyable.

Our goal is to impart the fundamentals of fitness in an enjoyable manner and set you off on a journey of your lifetime.

We are here for you, and look forward to embarking on this fitness journey with you!


Be it losing weight, toning body/muscle, improving strength, changing lifestyle, or a tailored workout program, Bryan’s Fitness can provide the right and customised training programs to meet your health and fitness goals!


Training and fitness programs available here:

Personal training that aims to improve exercise techniques/postures, workout routine, and nutrition intake. Training program is customisable depending on your main goals and objectives.

Online coaching comprises structured workout programs, posture correction advice, daily diet advice, nutritional consultations upon request. Our online coaching service is suitable for individuals who are often traveling and unable to commit to face-to-face trainings.

Group training can save you some costs while working out with your friends or family. It is a good way to train together, while ensuring the trainer gives the same attention for everyone. Moreover, programs for group training may be specially designed according to your needs!

Aqua fitness or aqua-based workout for individuals or groups who wish to reap the benefit of water resistance that can enhance your weight-loss effort.

Muay Thai classes
that follow Muay Thai International Association Thailand (MTIA)'s curriculum. Students will be able to progress from Grade 1 to Grade 5 after accumulating a stipulated amount of training hours for each Grade.

Private and corporate fitness or Muay Thai events that are customisable depending on group, school, or corporate needs.

Ready to embark on a healthier and fitter journey? Get in touch with us today!

Group Training

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Fitness is a personal journey and Personal Training differs for every individual. If you have any questions about the kind of training you need, feel free to call us for a phone consultation without any obligations.

Together, we witness your fitness.

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