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Aqua fitness

Yes you are right, aqua fitness is exactly what is in your head - working out in the water!


Join us for a whole-body workout in the swimming pool, ranging from HIIT to endurance or even circuit training. Our programs are suitable for all ages and does not require any swimming background.


Usually, we will conduct these sessions at a pool depth of around 1 to 1.2 meters, so not to worry about being unable to swim. Apart from body movements, the instructors may also provide some equipment (e.g. floats), to carry out water-based exercises.


These sessions are useful for those who are starting out on their fitness journey, enjoy the water and are recovering from an injury (e.g. muscle or joint). As long as you bring your swimwear and an open mind, we promise a workout that is fun, fruitful and effective for you.


Just grab a couple of friends and we can even head to your condominium pool to carry out the session! 

Aqua Hiit uses water resistance to double the intensity of the workouts, pushing us harder yet having minimum impact on our joints!

Benefits of aqua fitness

Ideal for Beginners

Actually, exercising in water may be slightly less tiring but definitely more comfortable than on land. This is because of the simple reason that the water automatically cools the body down, and washes away any sweat immediately. For those who do not like to perspire but still like to burn some calories or tone up, this might be the solution. 

Ease Strains

Have you tried stamping your foot in the water but feel a force pushing you upwards and reducing the impact of the stomp? That’s the power of water. And when you exercise in water, it actually decreases the impact on your joints as water helps to support your body weight. This means for those who have past injuries or weaker joints, you are still able to work out without overstraining them.

Muscle Strengthening

Water also serves as a resistance to increase the intensity of your workout – think just swinging your arms around the water, isn’t it harder than on land? With added equipment such as floats, effective exercises that can burn calories and build muscles can be carried out. Just because you may not feel sweat dripping down your face, does not mean you aren’t working out and getting more toned! 

Suitable for Pregnancy

One of the higher intensity exercises that are suitable and helpful for pregnant ladies is aqua fitness! The hydrostatic pressure exerted by water reduces pregnancy swelling and can enhance one’s endurance and stamina for labour, while improving strength and flexibility to decrease the chances of pregnancy-related back aches. Not to mention exercising in general helps to control blood pressure and sugar as well.

Lots of Fun

Aqua fitness is the perfect excuse to be splashing around in the water, yet in a beneficial way for your body. Burn more calories in a comfortable setting and impress your friends with new exercises you have learnt, that can be done in the pool. 

Types of aqua fitness programs

Aqua Personal Training

One to one attention from our qualified sports instructors who are also well-versed in swimming. The program will be highly customised to your fitness goals and needs and you can expect the class to be very fulfilling yet fun!

Aqua Group Training

Gather a few friends and get in touch with us to send a qualified sports instructor down to plan an enjoyable yet fruitful workout in the water for you guys. These exercises can be cardio based (think jogging on the spot or high knees but in the water), or if you’d like, we can throw in some equipment as weights too. 

Aqua Strength Training  

If you are planning to tone up or build muscles, aqua fitness can achieve that too. Our sports instructors have the knowledge to plan creative yet effective workouts in the pool using things like the noodle, paddle board and floatable dumbbells. 


Fast paced at high intensity, that is the idea of HIIT. A series of 6 to 8 exercises in each set, you will be put to work for 40 seconds, with a 20 seconds break in between each exercise. We aim to complete the same set around four to five times in the session.

Aqua Tabata

Tabata is similar to HIIT but is a super high intensity but shorter set of workout. Usually, this will be combined with some cardio after. 

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