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House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Losing weight and having a healthier body are my goals. I am always looking forward to my weekly training because Bryan will make it fun but tired at times. The weekly schedule and location are fixed to my convenience. We do our training at ActiveSG Gym.


After 42 sessions I have lost 18kg. This boosted my confidence in wearing clothes I once thought would look ugly on me. Currently, I am still training with Bryan because I want to push myself and progress further. Also wanting to learn more advanced exercises and get a stronger body.

Bryan can be fun but strict when he needs to be. He shows professionalism in the gym, clear cut explained why I was tasked with that particular exercise. I am glad that I met Bryan. I never fail to doubt myself, I never fail to whine throughout the sessions. Thankful for Bryan, he is patient enough to push me through every set every rep.

Looking at the results now, I am very happy that my hard work paid off and Regretted not engaging Bryan earlier. I want to thank Bryan for the patience he showed towards me and bringing me who I am today that I once thought was impossible.

-Rui Xuan, Pre School Educator 

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Individual results may vary.
We do not guarantee results.
Your results are determined by your commitment and hard work.
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I have been training with Bryan for the better part of last year and can't have asked for a better coach. His personality and coaching approach is positive and inspires discipline and dedication. I couldn't have asked for a better coach and highly recommend him to those who are looking for a way to establish a balanced and sustained fitness regimen. Thank you Bryan

-Kiran, Freelance

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Name : May
Age : 50
Height : 160cm / 55.5kg
Goal : to keep fit / stay healthy / firmer in shape
Trainer : Bryan


My training is done at YCK stadium / ActiveSG GYM which is near my workplace, very convenient for me.
As I have not been doing proper exercise and maybe not exercising at all, Bryan started 'slow' but intense enough for me for the 1st 3 sessions. Slowly adding on ... but of cos observation is also done and adjustment is made at every new session.

There is No particular session unforgettable .... BUT every session is what I am looking forward , why ? Because Bryan always teach something new for me to work at home , and I am sharing the tips with my family and we work out together while watching TV .


Started since mid Feb'2016 and as of now 12 sessions done .
As of now , my weight did not change much ; but does realized that my jeans / dress is looser fit than before .. I think I have turn some of the fat to muscle mass?!
Now with flatter tummy / tighten arms and
tighs . I never ever thought I could improve so much especially my years long back ache / knee pain ... I feel improvement right after 6 sessions. 

Currently am still training with Bryan, I shall continue to workout and maybe continue more sessions for further improvement ...

My aim : Sparton Race 2017 (HAHAHA)


I am glad that I engaged a personal trainer that lead me the correct way to exercise and stay healthy / happy / positive

Bryan , the trainer (just like my son ?) , Thank you for your encouragement ! 

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

-W , Student

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

I have exercised in the gym for a year but am intensely interested in the last 6 months when I first moved to SG. My aim is to have a muscular body as well as increasing my endurance.
My Trainer is Bryan.

Training sessions with him were fun and intensive

A particular unforgettable training session I had, Leg session - I have never been exposed to leg exercise except for cardio like running/swimming and Bryan has proved me that I could do a wide spectrum of leg workout i.e. squat with weight lifting bar, sprinting and etc.

Scheduling is quite flexible according to my desired time and the cancellation is also managable with Bryan. Location is convenient as many ActiveSG gyms are located around my office and home.

After 45 sessions, right now, I gained 5 kg with toned up body plus slight belly abs (i am fixing this!). At least I know how to gym properly.

I am still engaging Bryan to continue muscle building. 

He is skillful, fun, interactive

I'm general, engaging a personal trainer to simplify the hard workout sessions to be the harder+intensive+challenging exercise sessions but understandable lessons (no pain, no gain, right?).

I have wordless to say, except thank you for your training Bryan.

-PP, Researcher

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

和Bryan的12堂课里我学了好多。我学会了原来在家里也能运动。当然在 ActiveSG Gym 会学得比较多。
开心的是我也瘦了8kg. 我现在还在和Bryan上课。希望能够继续瘦下去。谢谢Bryan的耐心和照顾 

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

Bryan is a LEGEND. He's a pretty "f"-ed up guy: he's Firm, Flexible and Funny. Sessions with him in the gym have helped to make me more confident. I've become noticeably stronger, and it has been fun receiving compliments from people around me! More importantly, I used to experience insomnia (which drove me up the wall), but thanks to his intense workouts I have no problems with sleeping now. Can't thank him enough -- my life has honestly changed SO MUCH for the better!


I also enjoy how hilarious our sessions typically are. I make a lot of weird noises and my body moves in strange ways when I'm exerting myself (once I even fell off a treadmill because I was so "blur"), and his patience and "laugh it off" attitude makes me feel secure about myself. I no longer feel like a loser in the gym! :p


Personal training doesn't come cheap, and the results may take some time, but it's worth it especially if you don't feel comfortable gymming alone or don't quite know how to exercise. Bryan is not just my trainer -- he has become my buddy, and after a long day at work, knowing that I will be having a session that evening would be a huge morale boost. My self-esteem, sleep quality and fitness have increased tremendously, and I couldn't be more grateful.

-Sujith, Lecturer

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

-A, Property Agent

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results
House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

-Jimme, Entrepreneur

House Call Personal Training Singapore Results

-Hao, Engineer

Outdoor Fitness Personal Training

-Ed, Student

House Call Personal Training Singapore

Results from 3 weeks of IPPT Personal Training - by Trainer Bryan

Thank you Bryan, Thank for coaching me gym at ActiveSG gym. I learn many workout from you from 10 sessions of class. Now I use the gym by myself very confident in gym.

I have remembered "back straight chest up shoulders relax relax relax" !

Bryan is a very funny and good guy thank you for meeting me on my off day for gym because I don't have other time and day to gym. I am happy to meet Bryan.

-Xing Long, Operator

My dream was to become strong, really strong and bulky type of body. I would like to thank Jacob for his help. Every session with him was a solid one. He pushes me off my 100%. Before I met him, I've never imagined that I could actually do so much! After every session with him, I will have some difficulty washing my face and hair, because my arms will be so numb and sore! However, I like it that way, because I know when I recover I will become bigger and stronger. I've gained a total of 5.6kg in 2months. I agree fitness is a journey. I am motivated and determined to keep going until I hit my goal! And I loved this house call personal training service!

-Brandon, Student

I engaged Trainer Bryan wanting to learn some basic home exercises. He's a nice and reliable personal trainer, he seems busy but he'll ensure that we have a session every week. Training is held at my convenience. I took up  House Call personal training.

He will "test" me every session to make sure that I remember the exercises he taught me. Though we have completed the package, I'm still hoping to meet him occasionally for some recap! I feel great after every single training session with him! Thank you Bryan :)

-Sherlyn, Admin Executive

Although I know I didn't manage to transform, I am still glad at least I am able to step into my condo gym confidently now knowing what to do. I agree with Bryan that Lifestyle, Diet, habit are keys to lose weight.
Thank you, Bryan, for the knowledge and advises. 

 -Vignesh, IT Support

I was looking for a House Call personal trainer for my son, to prepare him better before he enlist.
After much consideration, I decided to engage Bryan. I know I have made the right choice when my son complained about how tired the training was.
Bryan actually did a 2.4km run together with my son under the hot sun. I felt his words are as good as his actions. I'm glad and sincerely thankful for Bryan. Thanks Bryan!

-April, Homemaker

I am D, 20 years old. My goal is to be able to do pull up. My assigned trainer is Mr. Bryan.
Although recently pull up has been removed from IPPT, but I still wish that I can just do one perfect pull up!
Training sessions with Bryan were ok. Timings and location are flexible and he is willing to come over to my condo for personal training. Some days we will use ActiveSG gym. The part I like most about his training is the explanation. It's simple and straightforward yet understandable! He always emphasizes that he can only help me 50% whereas the other 50% will be my hard-work. Training with him 2 times a week, and completing his "homework" weekly, after 6 weeks, I managed to do a perfect pull up on my own! I was so happy at that point! Thank you so much Bryan!

After 11 sessions, I am still engaging Bryan once every few weeks for his circuit workout to keep fit. 
I would like to thank Bryan for his patience towards me :)

-D, Student

I took up learners package because I know Fitness will be a journey. I have completed my package. I am so glad and proud to say I am good on my own. Throughout the 12 sessions, Trainer Bryan was very patient towards me. Every beginning of the session he will do some recap to refresh what he had taught me.
I am thankful for Bryan and never regretted taking up this package. Reason being, right now, I am able and confident to fight my own fitness journey on my own :) What's more is he will come to my condo for all personal training session. Bryan is flexible and reliable.
Once again, thank you, Bryan.

-Hui Ying, Accountant 

I was desperately looking for somebody who can help me with my nafa test. Reason being I don't wish to enlist into NS 2 months earlier than my friends. All of my friends cleared their nafa test! I'm the only one who didn't clear it, and if I don't, I will enlist 2 months earlier and join PTP batch.I felt so lucky that I found Bryan. I still remember him saying "you got no time already, if you really want it ,make sure you do it right now or else don't bother" At that moment,  I got zero confident in myself, but Bryan said something like he's able to help me if I really want it. I got no idea on how he can help me, but i have no chioce but to trust him as I agree that i got not much time left. So I got a customised package, 8 sessions of Personal Training for 2 weeks.I basically had 2 weeks of misery with him. The trainings were crazy! After every session I either can't carry my bag pack properly or I can't laugh. Because when I laugh my core will kind of cramp up.His jokes and his nonsensical talk made the trainings livelier! Appreciate that so much! All in all, I will say it was worth, because i managed to clear my nafa test after 16 days with Bryan!! He also gave me advices and tips on what to do and expect in NS. I will say, now I am much more confident to enlist into NS! Once again, thank you so much Bryan!

-Chairman, Poly Grad

Individual results may vary.

We do not guarantee results.

Your results are determined by your commitment and hard work.

We Are Ready when You Are Ready.

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