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Feel dizzy / nausea when exercising?

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

Some of us might experience this when we exercise. Don't worry too much about it, here's some of the reason why you're feeling this way.

1. Over exerting.

Pushing through your workouts can cause your blood pressure to drop and that will make you dizzy / lightheaded. Try to bring down your heart rate and drink some water to hydrate yourself. Of course, it's recommended for you to adjust your workout intensity a little to avoid over exerting.

2. Dehydrated.

Doesn't mean you're exercising today then you hydrate yourself today. No. It doesn't work this way. We will need to keep our body hydrated everyday for a better health. If you feel dizzy, dry mouth, extreme thirst and fatigue during your workout, chances are you are not drinking enough water in your daily life.

3. Low blood pressure / Low blood sugar.

If you have these conditions, try to have a healthier diet and adjust the meal before your workout a little. For people with low blood sugar, try taking some glucose and fructose before your workout.

4. Breathing.

When the workout gets intense and engages several muscle group, unknowingly some of us tend to hold our breath throughout the set. It's important to regulate our breathing while exercising so as to ensure our body gets sufficient oxygen. Otherwise lacking of oxygen will cause dizziness.

5. Eating / Drinking too much before exercising could make you nausea when you're exercising.

After a meal, 2-3 hours of rest is recommended before exercising. Or instead of a meal, go for a light snack 1-2 hours before exercising.

6. Blood flow.

Exercising at a heavy rate causes blood flow to be taken away from the stomach and that will make you nausea as well. Try to condition yourself and progress to your ideal intensity gradually. Be patient, take it slow and your body will adapt to it eventually.

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