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Can I Run Everyday?

Updated: May 29, 2020

Probably you're desperate to shred some weight if you're having this question in your mind. Sadly the answer to this post is a No. Running every day to lose weight is not a sustainable way AT ALL. You will get injured and your knees will feel "loose and weak" very soon.

Give yourself rest days in between! Also, include some weights training and needless to say, good diet!

Yes you might find your weight dropping when you're doing cardio every day. Sometimes you're actually losing "water" in your body or maybe losing your muscle mass and not losing Fats. We will recommend people to focus on losing inches instead of checking on the weighing scale every morning. When you felt the difference in your clothing, that's when you know you have really lost some fats! Agree?

Always remember, if you want to lose weight, do it in a Healthy and Sustainable way!

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